Our key competencies enable us to conduct safe, ethical, and high-quality clinical trials while exceeding performance metrics set by our Sponsors

Private Monitor Workspaces

Modern Medical Office

Welcoming Environment

Patient Centered, Sponsor Aligned

Focus on Diversity

Our staff is diverse, just like the community and study participants we serve. We foster a culture that embraces diversity in all forms.

Patient Centricity

Our patients and volunteers are the reason we come to work every day. Our decisions and daily processes are guided by the principle that patients will always be the heart of our work.

Embracing Technology

Our fully electronic CTMS system allows us to minimize administrative burden and streamline operations and so our team can focus on patient engagement and input of accurate data.

Clinical Expertise

We are proud of our committed research team, most of whom have been with our site for over 15 years. Our cohesiveness as a team and our collective experiences compel us to develop innovative solutions for the complex needs of our clinical trials.

Broad range of Sponsors that include Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical and emerging Biotechnology companies across a variety of Therapeutic Areas.​

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Clinical Research of Philadelphia is conveniently located in Northeast Philadelphia, easily accessible by bus or car.


9501 Roosevelt Blvd #208
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