How Our Clinical Trials Work

Clinical trials are research studies focused on evaluating new ways to improve treatments and quality of life for participants with various medical conditions. Clinical trials play an important role in improving healthcare and can result in the development of new drugs and treatments. 

It is only through participants like you that these advances in healthcare become possible.


  • Benefit From Treatment – Receive treatments study-related medical exams at no cost
  • Help Shape The Future of Healthcare – Your contribution will help save lives and drive innovation in the Heath Care market
  • Earn Money – You may be compensated for your involvement with clinical trials (amounts differ for each study)
  • Thorough Evaluation -Our staff will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your medical condition


  • No Benefit – You may not benefit from treatments
  • Time Commitment – May require significant commitment based on the study
  • Possible Side Effects – Every medication carries a risk of potential side effects which are often mild but can be serious or even life threatening

When a patient has met the eligibility requirements for a specific trial we work with them through an informed content process. During this process, we help patients make informed decisions about and during the clinical trial. The process, and associated documentation, is intended to explain in detail the purpose, procedures, risks, and benefits of the trial. We offer the opportunity for the patient to discuss the specifics of the trial with our clinical staff.

Want to know about a clinical trial for you or someone you care about?

Our team at CRP is here to help you make an educated decision.

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